Life is a Sacred Journey of Transformation~
1. Make a Wheel of Wisdom: Gather rocks, enough to have at least three stacked in the center, a circle of stones around the center connected by four spokes from the center to the four cardinal directions: East (at the top), then South, West (at the bottom), and North (as in front of photo).
2. Practice with the Wheel: Walk around it 3 times holding a rock. Into this rock, place prayers for yourself, your family & community, and whatever else you need. Pray for what you want from your relationship with the Wheel of Wisdom. Then place the rock on the Wheel and walk around 3 times, listening from your Heart.
3. Do this daily and you will be surprised at what the Wisdom-Wheel has to teach you. Answers will come to you. Listen.


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Credit for photo: Elena Shumilova

me: *owns 264 unread books*
me: *buys 17 new books*
me: *rereads harry potter*

My brother sent me this photo during a recent trip to Arizona: "This is a group of cactus friends greeting a latecomer cactus friend."

mostly nature

mostly nature

Wow I’ve felt so good the last couple of days!!! Eating 100% vegan and doing daily yoga has made me feel so good inside and out ☺️ Also today I went downtown and bought a whole bunch of new clothes and went to lush and bought some yummy hair things and then went to Cactus Club and had a really good quinoa salad. I hope I keep feeling like this when school starts ahhh